Friday, September 10, 2010

Catch Up on "Project Runway"

"Project Runway" has been one of my top shows since Season 2. If you've never seen it, it's all about aspiring fashion designers competing against each other in difficult, often bizarre challenges, one designer eliminated each episode. I love it. We're smack dab in the middle of Season 8 right now, every Thursday night on Lifetime.

Sidenote: I gotta say, I like being forced to watch commercials for terrible
upcoming Lifetime movies. This week premieres "The 19th Wife," a drama starring Meredith Grey's little sister about moral dilemma and murder in a polygamist community. Here's a clip. I will most certainly be tuning in. Last week, I watched the classic "The Boy She Met Online." Cinematic gold.

ay on Bravo, the former home of "Project Runway," they are showing a marathon of Season 5. This is the one with Leanne, Korto, and Kenley in the finale. Kenley was the whiny, rude bitch of the year, going so far as to be assert her beluga whale-sized attitude on Tim Gunn, the show's resident mentor/father-figure/just wanna make him proud nice guy.

Jerell was totally my favorite of the season. I wanted him to make me a crazy ensemble, then come to the party with me as my flamboyant sidekick.

So I did some research. Where are they now?

Leanne Marshall: She's put o
ut one collection since PR, bridal collection catalog on the way. A lot of focus on sustainable textiles. Looks like from her website, you can buy a single blue dress. What else could one need?

Kenley Collins: Kenley Kenley Kenley, everywhere you look. The homepage is a slideshow of her, and she is modeling a good deal of the styles in her shop. Her bio doesn't even mention "Project Runway." What an ingrate. I was reminded of the fact that she attended Florida State University, my sworn rival. (Good, we didn't want her anyway.) Oh, and she was arrested for attacking her sleeping fiance with apples, a computer, and her CAT.
Too bad she ruined that fairytale romance; her fiance's last name is Penley. Yes, you read that right. Kenley Penley.

Korto Momolu: Looks like she's been working with Dillard's on an accessory collection.

Jerell Scott: Here's a link to his Photobucket, lots of pieces. Want this.

I can't wait until next week for the new episode of "Project Runway" Season 8! I predict Mondo's weird ass to win. He put a mustache on his model for literally no reason. You can't out crazy that. And I think maybe Gretchen and Ivy should contact Kenley, they can start a "Bitchiest Project Runway Losers Club."

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